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General Terms and Conditions of Use for Nuxe Consumer Review Service

Welcome to the “Consumer Review” service (“the Service”) provided by Nuxe and Nuxe Spa (“Nuxe”) on its site offers you the opportunity to rate products and to post reviews or comments via several online tools. Posting a review online on the product description sheet implies prior acceptance of and compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Nuxe reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, without notice. If Nuxe decides to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Use, Nuxe will publish a new version of the General Terms and Conditions of Use on


1.1.The Service, accessible via, is a platform that allows consumers to leave reviews, advice, tips, suggestions, information, recommendations (the “Reviews”) on products sold by Nuxe that they have used, and to give them a rating and a comment.

1.2.The messages published by users of the Service are accounts of individual experiences and express personal opinions. Nuxe provides a space for this service where Reviews can be stored before being posted. The information, text and content published in the Reviews by the users of this Service are the responsibility of their contributors. Nuxe cannot therefore be held liable for this content.

1.3.During a product launch, Nuxe may decide to offer some of its products to people so that they can test them and then publish their reviews of these tested products.


2.1.Users of the Service agree to write a Review of a product that they have actually bought and used. The reviews do not concern the use of samples.

2.2.This Review must include a title, a detailed comment (unlimited in terms of characters) and a rating in the form of number of stars, which can range from one to five stars.

2.3.The Service may not be used as a means for publishing content that contravenes good morals, public orders, the rights of others or applicable laws and regulations such as:

- words or messages that are defamatory, insulting, obscene, racist, offensive or referring to illegal activities in all their forms;

- any abuse of the freedom of expression, such as words consisting of a systematic or non-objective criticism, and words that are derogatory or malicious;

- content of a violent or pornographic nature, or which is likely to disrespect people or their dignity, gender equality or the protection of children and adolescents;

- words or messages inciting crimes and offences, violence, discrimination or racial hatred;

- usurpation of a name, email address or company name;

- the presence of personal information, such as email addresses, URLs, telephone numbers, postal addresses or other information (first name, last name, etc.) that might identify the user.

- the total or partial reproduction of content protected by an intellectual property right over which the users do not have rights, and messages that constitute infringement of a registered trademark.

2.4.The Reviews must not contain:

- criticisms of other reviews published on the site or of their authors;

- medical comments on the products;

- comments relating to another product not related to the rated product or to problems with orders (delivery problem, etc.);

- random characters or sequences of words without meaning;

- comments relating to the safety of the product (any intolerances, etc.);

- comments about the Service on the site;

2.5.Users are prohibited from misusing the Service for propaganda, canvassing, solicitation or proselytism, for professional, commercial or political purposes (such as advertisements, “spam” content or references to products of other Brands, promotional offers or websites, etc.).

2.6.  Users are also prohibited from impeding or disrupting the functioning of the Service. Users are prohibited from incorporating documents, software or any other information in the reviews posted in the storage space provided by Nuxe, which might damage the computers of other users or might give unjustified access to other websites. It is the users’ responsibility to take all appropriate measures relating to the equipment they use to protect the said equipment from any contamination by viruses or intrusion attempts.

2.7.  The Reviews must not contravene these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the Legal Notice and the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and must not harm Nuxe's brand image or its sales policy.

Nuxe invites any user wanting to express an opinion or obtain information on the safety of products or problems encountered during orders to contact our Customer Services via our contact form.


3.1.Any user of the Service aged under 18 must obtain prior permission from a parent or legal representative to leave a review on the site and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service. Nuxe may ask all users under 18 to provide evidence of this permission and, where necessary, refuse to publish the review of a user under 18 who cannot provide evidence of this permission.

3.2.Before being published, the reviews may be read by moderators. Nuxe therefore reserves the right not to publish all the user Reviews, in particular if a Review breaches the terms set out in these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Following a refusal to publish, the user may be contacted to see what measures we can take to help them.

3.3.Any review sent via the Nuxe Service may be used at Nuxe's sole discretion. Nuxe reserves the right to modify and shorten any reviews to ensure they comply with the provisions set out in these General Terms and Conditions of Use. In this case, Nuxe will endeavour to retain the general sense of the review. Nuxe also reserves the right to remove any reviews. Once sent, a user cannot modify or remove the content of their review.

3.4.Nuxe also reserves the right, when moderating, to modify the length, spelling or certain terms in the Reviews.

3.5 The Reviews are displayed per product, from the most recent to the oldest.

3.6.Any content published on the Service may be used at Nuxe's sole discretion, in its entirety.

3.7.Nuxe reserves the right to contact the author of the Review.

3.8.The Reviews are generally published between seven and fourteen days from being sent by the user, subject to compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use. Once a review has been sent, validated and published on the Site, the user cannot modify or remove the content of their review.

3.9.To enable users to benefit from a relevant Service, they accept that the published Reviews may be removed in one of the following cases:

- the Review was published over 12 months ago;

- the product that is the subject of the Review is no longer sold by Nuxe;

- the product that is the subject of the Review has undergone modifications, meaning that the Review is no longer relevant to the original product.


4.1.The texts, graphic elements, software, music, sound, photographs, images, videos, databases and any other work present on the Service are protected by the French Intellectual Property Code. Users undertake not to reproduce them without Nuxe’s express, written prior consent and agree not to extract data from databases used by the Service.

4.2.In posting their Reviews on the Service, users expressly agree, free of charge, that Nuxe may post, reproduce and represent, adapt, translate and publish all or part of their Review of the Nuxe products concerned, as well as their pseudonym and/or photograph of their profile related to their Review, in any form whatsoever, by any technical method and process, for any internal and external, promotional and/or commercial communication and on all physical and digital formats worldwide, for a period of five years from publication of the Review on the Service.

4.3.The formats used may be physical, graphical or printed formats, audiovisual, computerised and digital communication formats, such as the Internet, social media, electronic newsletters, digital screens and all formats known or unknown on the day the Review is posted.

4.4.This authorisation includes the possibility for Nuxe to use all or part of the Reviews freely and free of charge, to reproduce, represent, publish, modify, adapt, translate and remove them in full or in part, create derivative works, and distribute them for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes.

4.5.In publishing content, the user of the Service is liable as the author.If, in publishing the Service, the user wants to quote, make a reference, display or reproduce all or part of a content of which it is not the owner or author, the user agrees to systematically quote the source and the credits.


5.1.As part of the Service, Nuxe collects and processes personal data, in particular the first name, last name, pseudonym, age band and gender of anyone who intends to post a Review on the site

Your personal data is processed according to the provisions of the applicable law on personal data protection. For more information, please consult our Personal Data Protection Policy.

5.2.Only the fields followed by the words “(mandatory)” on the collection form are information that must be provided in order to leave a review on the Service. A pseudonym is therefore mandatory for sharing a review. However, information such as age band and gender are optional. Provided that we have obtained your express, prior consent, the data saved in your account when your account is created may be reused for the review.

5.3.Users of the Service are informed that all or part of their personal data collected by Nuxe is likely to be used by the latter, and where applicable by its suppliers acting on Nuxe’s instructions, to publish the Review in communication media targeted at Nuxe’s current and future audience, in particular but not limited to electronic communication services and/or marketing and/or advertising communication media (emailing, mailing, Internet advertising banners, promotional material in sales outlets, etc.) published by Nuxe. The personal data that will be used for this publication may include the pseudonym, age band, gender and skin type of the user who has posted the Review.

5.4.In accordance with the French Data Protection Act (Loiinformatique etLibertés) of 6 January 1978, as amended, and General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), as the Site User you have the right to access, correct, object and erase your data, for legitimate reasons, and the right of portability over your data with effect from 25 May 2018, as well as a right to “be forgotten”. To exercise these rights, you simply need to send a written request via the contact form under “Personal Data & GDPR”. To find out more about our policy on personal data protection, please consult our Personal Data Protection Policy.