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Pre-Shampoo Nourishing Mask, Hair Prodigieux® 125ml


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High Shine Shampoo, Hair Prodigieux® 200ml


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High Shine Conditioner, Hair Prodigieux® 200ml


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Intense Nourishing Leave-in Cream, Hair Prodigieux® 100ml


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A hair care routine at the heart of effectiveness
A symbol of power and beauty, your hair demands high performance. Reveal its shine potential with Hair Prodigieux®. This exceptional hair care ritual with Fermented Pink Camellia Oil enhances your hair’s beauty in 4 steps : Pre-Shampoo Nourishing Mask, High Shine Shampoo, High Shine Conditioner and the Intense Nourishing Leave-In Cream innovation. Nourished and intensely repaired, your hair feels soft again and is transformed with a mirror shine.

Formulas that respect your hair
In compliance with NUXE’s strict formulation charter, these clean formulas* contain 100% botanical oils recognised for their affinity with the hair, as well as 0% silicone and sulphate⁽¹⁾. Vegan⁽²⁾, Made in France, they respect all hair types.

A sensorial delight
Cultivate sensorial hair fibre with Hair Prodigieux® care products. Their irresistible scent (with notes of Orange Blossom-Magnolia-Vanilla), that of the iconic Huile Prodigieuse®, envelops your hair in a delectable fragrant trail.

Star ingredient: Fermented Pink Camellia Oil, with its beautifying power

As experts in botanical-oil formulations for 30 years,NUXE researchers have spent a long time studying their actions on the skin and hair. The researchers were particularly interested in the exceptional properties of Pink Camellia Oil, an essential element in the geishas’ beauty routine, used for centuries to care for their hair. Obtained by cold-pressing Camellia Japonica seeds, this precious oil is renowned for its nourishing benefits. For the 1st time in hair care, its recognised powers have been boosted by fermentation.

Boosted benefits: 2 times more repair and nourishing​⁽³⁾

Fermentation unleashes the full power of Pink Camellia Oil. Its composition is enriched thanks to a patented process at the cutting edge of biotechnology. This unique method uses the natural action of a yeast and therefore consumes little energy. At the end of a 150-hour process, the result is a super oil concentrated in active molecules and the creation of a very interesting glycolipid: with a powerful repairing effect comparable to that of ceramides, the lipids responsible for natural cohesion between the scales of the hair. Tighter scales reflect the light better. This transformation also gives fermented Pink Camellia oil a finer texture that connects to the hair fibre to release all its benefits. It has been proven: fermented Pink Camellia oil provides 2 TIMES MORE NOURISHING and REPAIR for the hair⁽³⁾.

The Hair Prodigieux® routine

These hair care products offer the luxury of a routine that delivers high shine and intense repair. It beautifies all hair types: fine, thick, curly, combination, colour-treated... 

Step 1: reinvent your hair care routine starting with intense repair, with the Pre-Shampoo Nourishing Mask. Did you know that oil has a better affinity on dry hair rather than wet? This formula enriched with botanical oils is applied to dry hair before shampooing: left on for 10 to 30 minutes, this mask gives hair an exceptional nourishing boost. Specifically developed for application before shampooing, its silky texture does not weigh hair down and rinses off easily. 

Step 2: the High Shine Shampoocleanses your hair and gently removes impurities thanks to its melting milk texture which transforms into a sensorial foam. Its sulphate-free⁽¹⁾ natural-origin cleansing base combines effective cleansing with good tolerance. It gives hair a beautiful shiny finish and leaves it feeling light, soft and silky. 

Step 3: envelop your hair in repairing softness with the High Shine Conditioner. Apply to damp, towel-dried hair, paying particular attention to the lengths and ends. Leave on for just one minute before rinsing. The finishing touch for strengthened and perfectly detangled hair.

Step 4: make styling your hair a pleasure again with the Intense Nourishing Leave-In Cream,a silky cream that nourishes and repairs your hair while protecting it from heat (up to 220°C). Apply one drop daily to towel-dried or dry hair, only on the lengths and ends. Do not rinse.

Spectacular results

The Hair Prodigieux®⁽⁴⁾ routine beautifies all hair types:

- 94% of testers find their hair is more supple⁽⁵⁾. 
- 93% find their hair is moisturized⁽⁵⁾. 

- 92% find their hair feels silky to the touch⁽⁵⁾.
- Hair is easier to detangle for 90% of testers⁽⁶⁾.

*Clean formula according to Nuxe, more information on
⁽¹⁾ no sulphate surfactants.
⁽²⁾ Vegan formulas, with no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin. ​
⁽³⁾ Instrumental test on locks of hair. Comparison between non-fermented camellia oil and fermented camellia oil.
⁽⁴⁾ Pre-Shampoo Nourishing Mask, High Shine Shampoo, High Shine Conditioner.
⁽⁵⁾ Consumer test on 105 volunteers. Satisfaction % immediately after using the routine.
⁽⁶⁾ Consumer test on 105 volunteers. Satisfaction % after using the routine for 28 days.