Water Hyacinth

The anti-dehydration plant from the tropics.

Where does it come from?
Native to the Tropics, Water Hyacinth thrives in bodies of water, rivers, canals, lakes and marshes. With its bright green foliage and purple flowers, Water Hyacinth is one of the most beautiful soft water plants and its growth rate is one of the fastest in the botanical world - up to 5 metres per day!

Its traditional properties
Water Hyacinth is particularly appreciated for its ability to naturally detoxify and decontaminate the waters in which it bathes.

NUXE expertise
NUXE research has selected Hyacinth produced in the Camargue, in the South of France. The aerial parts of the plant (flowers, leaves and stems) then undergo an environmentally friendly extraction process, known as oleo-eco-extraction: the Water Hyacinth Oleoactive® thus obtained contains no less than 18 active molecules, and has been proven by our laboratory to significantly improve skin barrier function. Water Hyacinth thus prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated, and this discovery has been patented (FR).

An environmentally-friendly active ingredient
The water hyacinths selected by our laboratory are produced in bodies of water which are regularly tested, then air dried on site, to reduce the carbon footprint. They then undergo oleo-eco-extraction: a natural, environmentally friendly extraction process, without the use of any solvents or chemicals, thus preserving all of the plant’s properties.

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