A real marvel for dry skin.

Both complex and wonderful, honey is the ultimate gift that nature has to offer. Honey is a completely natural product, and the result of alchemy between nectar from flowers gathered by bees and the transformation that takes place within the beehive.

There are several types of honey obtained from different flowers, the most widely known being acacia, lavender and chestnut honey.

Its traditional properties
Used since ancient times for its sweetening properties, honey is known for its innumerable virtues: toning, repairing, soothing, moisturising, antiseptic and healing effects. It was already being used by women as a beauty product in ancient Egypt and Rome.

NUXE expertise
NUXE has selected Honey, a 100% natural hive ingredient, mainly originating from Acacia flowers. NUXE Research uses it for its high sugar and active molecule content which make it an excellent ingredient, known for its repairing, nutrient and soothing properties. It is therefore an excellent active ingredient for strengthening the skin barrier which protects the skin from harsh external factors (cold, wind, etc.) and dehydration: a real marvel for dry, sensitive skin!

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