The beauty ally with moisturising and protective properties.

The hazel tree is a familiar sight, a bushy shrub that grows by multiplying its low branches, and of course produces delicious nuts. The subtle and refined Hazelnut contains the most digestible oil among all the oleaginous fruits. Hazelnut is found in woodland and even in temperate regions in the Northern hemisphere.

Its traditional properties
Hazelnut is the oleaginous fruit with the highest lipid content, including omega-6 and 9. Its clear and subtly scented oil is universally valued for its food qualities, as well as its medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

NUXE Expertise
NUXE uses Hazelnut Oil obtained by cold-pressing. Selected for its high fatty acid and vitamin E content, it is endowed with moisturising, softening, protective and soothing properties, which make it an ideal beauty ally for all skin types.

Our ecologically responsible approach
NUXE has selected Hazelnut Oil obtained from cold-pressing of hazelnuts, followed by separation and filtration, an environmentally-friendly process using no solvents or chemicals and generating no polluting residue.

Related products
Hazelnut Oil is found in skincare products in the Merveillance® Expert range (Merveillance® Expert Lift and Firm Cream, Merveillance® Expert Lift and Firm Rich Cream and Merveillance® Expert Lift and Firm Night Cream), and in all types of Huile Prodigieuse®: Huile Prodigieuse®, Huile Prodigieuse® Florale, Huile Prodigieuse® Riche and Huile Prodigieuse® Or.