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About the Night Skincare products


Sleep is when skin on the face renews and repairs the damage caused during the day. Using a night cream helps the skin to accelerate this cell repair process.


To derive maximum benefit from a good night’s sleep, Laboratoire NUXE has formulated night care products inspired by a fusion of the best of pharmacopoeia and phytotherapy. The botanical active ingredients used by NUXE help to renew the skin when it is most receptive: at night.


NUXE considers the expectations of all women. Formulated based on natural ingredients, Laboratoire NUXE's night care products are tailored to each of your specific needs.


The Nuxellence® DETOX anti-ageing care, one of NUXE's best-selling night products, acts at the heart of the cells to improve skin detoxification. Night after night, skin appears rejuvenated. In the morning, the complexion appears fresh, as if you had slept for an extra 2 hours. For greater effectiveness, use in combination with the Nuxellence® ECLAT day care; enriched with corrective pigments, its texture promises an immediate illuminating effect.


The Merveillance® Expert night cream is another exceptional anti-ageing skincare product. Designed for women from the age of 40, it fills in visible lines, firms and smooths the skin.


Over time, the skin on our face becomes more fragile. The Nuxuriance® Ultra replenishing night cream is a global anti-ageing care for denser and smoother skin. Your features appear rested and your natural radiance is enhanced.


For a refreshing effect, the Crème Prodigieuse® Boost night recovery oil for the face helps skin to recover overnight from the harmful effects of everyday life.


Skin feeling tight? Sometimes moisturising is not enough. For dry and sensitive skin in need of pampering, NUXE has developed a replenishing night care. The Rêve de Miel® Ultra-Comforting Night Face Cream soothes and nourishes skin overnight. In the morning, skin feels more supple and soft.

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