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Our products are guaranteed by Ecocert® certification and the Cosmébio® label. Find out more about these official labels which provide information on brands' commitments, as well as some useful explanations of terminology from the Organic world.


Respect for the skin and the environment according to BIO-BEAUTÉ ®


Q: How did BIO-BEAUTÉ® by NUXE come into being?
From a very early age, Aliza Jabès was convinced by her father, a pharmacy researcher, that the plant world is the source of significant therapeutic discoveries. In the 1990s, with the success of NUXE and its iconic Huile Prodigieuse®, her laboratory built up unique expertise in the use of botanical oils while at the same time developing know-how in textures and scents. 
Her passion for nature then encouraged her to go even further. In 2008, she created BIO-BEAUTÉ® by NUXE, a certified organic skincare brand, with the aim of providing the best possible solution for men's and women's skin in an increasingly aggressive environment. 

Q: What makes Organic skincare different to other products?
All BIO-BEAUTÉ skincare products are natural and respect the skin, application after application: their formulas consist of more than 95% ingredients of natural origin. They do not contain any non-certified synthetic active ingredients. They are free from mineral oils, genetically modified organisms, artificial colors and paraben.

Q: Out of the entire botanical world, you have singled out active fruit extracts …
That's right. These untreated fruits draw on their own reserves to defend themselves from harsh environments, and they do this thanks to the antioxidants they generate.
These Organically farmed active fruit extracts therefore contain natural antioxidants which have beneficial effects on the skin.

Q: Why did you choose to combine these active fruit extracts with botanical oils?
Botanical oils provide essential fatty acids and display a particular affinity with the skin. They therefore bring the skin the full benefits of the rich active molecules in the fruit extracts. This Expert BIO-BEAUTÉ® Combination underpins all our effective and safe products.

Q: Indeed, consumers of Organic cosmetics have high expectations when it comes to efficacy, safety and innovation. How does BIO-BEAUTÉ® meet these requirements?
All our products contain high concentrations of active ingredients.
They are non-comedogenic. They have good cutaneous and ocular tolerance (clinical tests under dermatological supervision have been carried out on volunteers by independent laboratories). 
100% natural-origin scents are combined with innovative and pleasurable textures. What's more, BIO-BEAUTÉ® has been awarded Ecocert certification and complies with Ecocert specifications... so we have concrete proof! 

Q: In some cases, Organic skincare has a reputation of not feeling very pleasant to use... How did you go about developing novel and pleasurable textures for BIO-BEAUTÉ®?
In view of all the constraints governing organic products, it is a real challenge to create textures that are not only pleasant to use, but also highly original. Our Vitamin-Rich Detox Mask has an active 3-step texture - a gel that magically transforms into an oil when massaged into the skin and then a milk when rinsed off. We have managed to reinvent the traditional Cold Cream recipe in a natural version to nourish and soothe dry and sensitive skin.

Q: One final point, what is BIO-BEAUTÉ®'s stance with regard to respect for the environment?
Sustainable development has been part of NUXE's DNA from the very start. Protecting nature and the environment, helping to preserve natural riches while minimizing our ecological footprint are just some of the commitments made by Laboratoire NUXE.
Our rinse-off formulas are biodegradable and we choose recyclable materials for our packaging wherever possible. Our boxes are smaller in size and help protect forests: they are printed using plant-based inks. And to reduce paper consumption, our products do not contain any instruction leaflets.
These same commitments apply for BIO-BEAUTÉ®: for example, we use Organic and responsible botanical glycerin, consisting of oils extracted from Karanja, Mahwa and Jatropa seeds grown in India, and a Sesame Oil from a bio-equitable supply chain bringing together several producers in Mali. 
We also sponsor the association "Un toit pour les abeilles" (A home for bees), which strives to protect the growth of colonies in the Vosges region, and we support the "1001 fontaines" project, having already funded the installation of 2 environmentally-friendly water stations in Cambodia.

Ecocert® Certification

Founded in 1991, Ecocert® is a French monitoring and certification body whose activities are supervised and recognized by the authorities.
Certification covers the cosmetic product in question, the entire production process - from purchasing of raw materials through to manufacturing and storage. 
To receive certification, products must meet the following constraints:

1. Required percentage of raw materials in formulas to qualify for the ecological and organic label:
• minimum of 95% of all ingredients are natural or natural origin 
• minimum of 95% of all botanical ingredients are certified Organic
• minimum of 10% of all ingredients proceed from Organic Farming 
• maximum of 5% of all ingredients are derived from purely synthetic processes

2. Production processes:
• Natural, solvent-free extraction processes (maceration, pressing, distillation)
• Non-polluting transformation and production processes that respect health and the environment 
• No animal testing

3. Obligation for transparency throughout the entire chain:
• Approval of all raw materials and certification of finished products
• Information on the percentage of Organic and natural ingredients contained in each product
• Checks throughout the year

The Cosmebio® Label

In France, products certified by Ecocert® can choose to inform consumers by means of the Cosmébio® charter label.

Founded in 2002, Cosmébio® is the largest organization in its field. This charter came into being as a result of the concerted efforts of stakeholders from different industries (subcontractors, raw material suppliers, producers, etc.) specializing in Organic products.
To be awarded the Cosmébio® labels, companies must join the association and be certified by a certifying body (Ecocert®, for example).
The Cosmébio® charter label: "Organic Cosmetics" meet the following composition criteria in product formulas:
• minimum of 95% of all ingredients are natural or of natural origin, of which:
     - Minimum of 10% of ingredients proceed from Organic Farming
     - Minimum of 95% of botanical ingredients are certified Organic
• Maximum of 5% synthetic ingredients

Percentage of Organic ingredients

What does the percentage of Organic ingredients mean?
We often talk about the percentage of Organic ingredients contained in a certified Organic cosmetic product... but what exactly does this mean?
First of all, it is important to make a clear distinction between a certified Organic ingredient and a natural ingredient: 
• "Organic" applies only to botanical-origin materials obtained directly from crops or harvests complying with controlled Organic Farming regulations. 
• "Natural" refers to to botanical or mineral materials obtained from conventional non-transformed crops or harvests, or derived from these using only physical procedures authorized by Ecocert and meeting quality criteria also defined by Ecocert®.
• "Natural origin" refers to ingredients which are transformed using chemical procedures authorized by Ecocert® and which meet quality criteria also defined by Ecocert®.

All three must be obtained using nondenaturing extraction procedures: extracted from plants by maceration or decoction, solvent-free expression of oils, steam distillation of essential oils, etc., must not contain synthetic materials and must not have been transformed or modified.

To be certified Organic, a cosmetic must meet, in particular, minimum percentages for natural-origin, organic and synthetic materials set out in the Ecocert® charter.
To guarantee the authentically natural character of their products, brands commit to comply with the following minimum quantities out of all the ingredients used in their formulas:
• 95% of ingredients are natural or of natural origin
• 10% of ingredients are certified Organic 
• and 95% of all botanical ingredients must be of organic origin.
They must also comply with the following maximum amounts:
• 5% synthetic ingredients: i.e. "nature-identical" preservatives required to preserve products, as well as pH stabilizers.

Cosmébio association members who meet these percentages are eligible to receive the Cosmébio label. 

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